Friday, 17 February 2012

A book cover for Shifra

I recently received a request from a customer to create a book cover for her daughter's Prayer Book that would also show her Hebrew name - Shifra. I am not familiar with the Hebrew aplphabet but Shifra's mum provided me with the Hebrew letters and I searched the internet to find an alphabet that would help me to recreate the relevant letters in fabric for the applique.

I hugely enjoyed making this book cover and I hope Shifra will like it as well.


  1. It is lovely! And the Hebrew looks very natural.
    Noga from Israel

  2. Do you know if the name has to be on the right or the left side of the cover?

  3. Hello Noga,

    Thanks so much for your note. And you are right, it should be the other way round. I did not know when I first made the cover and the customer did not spot it either. Good learning experience ;-)

    Best wishes,