Friday, 29 April 2011

A glimpse of Kate

With no specific plans for the day we made our way to London to experience some of the Royal Wedding atmosphere. Getting into London Victoria we thought we would take a little trip up to Buckingham Palace but had to divert our route due to a bomb scare. I knew that Kates's hotel for the night, the Goring, was in Belgravia, but I was still surprised when we actually passed it on our diversion route. We though we may as well have a closer look but where pushed back by police due to the bomb scare. When everything was clear the police opened the road and without any sense or listening to my husbands please to stop I just run with my eldest daughters on my shoulders (not very safe I know) and secured a viewing place just a few meters away from the awning of the Goring through which Kate would get into her wedding car. Just a few minutes later she left the hotel and we actually mangaged to get a glimpse of Kate in her wedding dress and getting into the car. I hope this experience will stay in my daughters live forever, it will certainly with me :-).

Afterwards we had a brilliant celebration at the Rising Sun in Victoria; Mary the landlady made us very welcome with some bubbly and lovely food.

We had a wonderful day that we will remember for a long time :-)

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