Saturday, 19 February 2011

A shipment to New York

One of my lovely Etsy customers contacted me to see whether I would be prepared to work on a custom order for her.

She told me that she is teacher in an urban district in New York, and teaches English as a Second Language to students from all over the world, including Burma, Thailand, Congo, Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic, Nepal, and more. All of her students are living below the poverty line. After a long to-ing and fro-ing she is one of the first teachers to pilot ipods in class to assist language teaching to these dissadvantaged students. And this is were I come in... she wrote "...
Throughout the day, I move all over the school to work with the kids. What I need is some kind of system to carry the ipods with me..."

We agreed that I would make the ipod cases and a carrier that allows her to carry the cases easily around the school. For ease of use I also agreed to stitch numbers on each invidicual case.

Below a few pictures of the solution I came up with - simple, but I hope effective.

15 iPod covers, with individually hand-stitched numbers:

The covers in their carrier bag:

All folded up, the iPods are ready to be carried:

I absolutely love what I am doing, however, these type of requests are the icing on the cake. Making something useful that fullfills the actual needs of my customers is absolutely wonderful. I am looking forward to hear how she will get on :-)


  1. What an ingenious idea, so clever and looks great, I'm sure she will be made up with it! Jenny x

  2. Thank you so much Jenny. That is very kind of you :-)

  3. What a great project and a beautiful design! Congratulations!

  4. Hello! I'm happy I found your blog, too!
    This 'carrier' is fantastic! What an interesting work to have order like that! You have designed and made this so beautiful!
    x Teje