Friday, 16 September 2011

Making a photograph

I attended Vicki Knights 'Photography Workshop for creative business poeple' at MakeMe,The Medicine Garden in Cobham, Surrey today.

I had been really looking forward to the workshop, not just because I really felt that I needed to progress my photography skills but also because I really enjoy taking photographs. I was not dissappointed, the setting at the Medicine Gardens were just gorgeous, the company was great fun and Vicki's workshop just utterly brilliant. I learned so much in just a few hours that I am looking forward to try out my new found skills in the next few weeks and months. So stay tuned :-)

Vicki started the day with a quote from Ansel Adams 'You don't take a photograph you make it.' - this will stay with me for a long, long time!

Please check out Vicki's website and blog! She also does family photography workshops, headshots (check out my profile image :-)) and family photography.

Friday, 12 August 2011


Mum and daughter were playing around with face paint this afternoon. While I was impressed with my 5 year old's artistic capabilities on my face, I shall not post a picture of the results :-) However, here is my creation. I was quite happy, especially as it was only my 2nd go. (The first one was a cat on my youngest DD's face)

(By the way, my daughter is not crying, she is wishing her dad a 'Happy lunch' :-)

Friday, 29 April 2011

A glimpse of Kate

With no specific plans for the day we made our way to London to experience some of the Royal Wedding atmosphere. Getting into London Victoria we thought we would take a little trip up to Buckingham Palace but had to divert our route due to a bomb scare. I knew that Kates's hotel for the night, the Goring, was in Belgravia, but I was still surprised when we actually passed it on our diversion route. We though we may as well have a closer look but where pushed back by police due to the bomb scare. When everything was clear the police opened the road and without any sense or listening to my husbands please to stop I just run with my eldest daughters on my shoulders (not very safe I know) and secured a viewing place just a few meters away from the awning of the Goring through which Kate would get into her wedding car. Just a few minutes later she left the hotel and we actually mangaged to get a glimpse of Kate in her wedding dress and getting into the car. I hope this experience will stay in my daughters live forever, it will certainly with me :-).

Afterwards we had a brilliant celebration at the Rising Sun in Victoria; Mary the landlady made us very welcome with some bubbly and lovely food.

We had a wonderful day that we will remember for a long time :-)

Friday, 11 March 2011

The making of a throw

2011 seems to be the year of custom orders. I really do love my work, but I find custom orders to be the icing of the cake. Custom orders enable you to really engage with your customer and create something that meets the need and taste of that special customer. For me this is truly wonderful.

When I received a request to make a vintage linen throw, I was delighted. My customer had once seen a ray-like design in Italy and wanted to create something similar for a linen bed throw. We agreed on a design that I would screen print onto the linen.

This is its journey - the making of a throw.

1. Drawing the design onto template

2. Cutting out the template

3. The template is finished

4. Ready to print

5. There we go - the printing is done

6. It is done, sewn and ready to go!

I am looking forward to my next custom order :-)

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Stamp happy

You would not think that finding the right stamp for your business correspondence is that difficult. However, I am one of those people that browses websites for days on end until I finally make a decision what to buy. Things just have to be right. When I came across Sarah's beautfiful etsy shop ahueofduckeggblue, I found what I was looking for - wonderful stamps mounted on fabulous olive wood blocks. My stamps arrived this morning in the post and I am delighted. I know I will be using them for a long time :-)

Saturday, 19 February 2011

A shipment to New York

One of my lovely Etsy customers contacted me to see whether I would be prepared to work on a custom order for her.

She told me that she is teacher in an urban district in New York, and teaches English as a Second Language to students from all over the world, including Burma, Thailand, Congo, Puerto Rico , Dominican Republic, Nepal, and more. All of her students are living below the poverty line. After a long to-ing and fro-ing she is one of the first teachers to pilot ipods in class to assist language teaching to these dissadvantaged students. And this is were I come in... she wrote "...
Throughout the day, I move all over the school to work with the kids. What I need is some kind of system to carry the ipods with me..."

We agreed that I would make the ipod cases and a carrier that allows her to carry the cases easily around the school. For ease of use I also agreed to stitch numbers on each invidicual case.

Below a few pictures of the solution I came up with - simple, but I hope effective.

15 iPod covers, with individually hand-stitched numbers:

The covers in their carrier bag:

All folded up, the iPods are ready to be carried:

I absolutely love what I am doing, however, these type of requests are the icing on the cake. Making something useful that fullfills the actual needs of my customers is absolutely wonderful. I am looking forward to hear how she will get on :-)