Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Time For Me

Usually, I sew things for my wonderful customers (and don't understand me wrong I love it), but there never seems to be the time to sew something or do something for myself. So when one evening I browsed my emails I saw a newsletter from the Make Lounge in Islington, North London, advertising a 2-evening workshop to sew a summer dress. I signed up on the spot.

I've attended several workshops at the Make Lounge and I just adore it there. The venue is wonderful, the company is great, I always learn something new and I just love, love the tutors!

Below the fruit of my labour. I love the dress, even though my 4 year old proclaimed 'mum do you have a new night dress'. Erm, 'no'. But she is not that far off, as I used a vintage sheet to make the dress :-)

And actually browsing for the link of the Make Lounge, I saw that they now offer a book binding course. And I am very happy to say that I am signed up for a course in July :-)

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  1. I share the same problem, lots of making for others but not for myself. In fact, I have two items of clothing currently sitting in my dining room that need mending, but somehow all of the other things get done first! Well done for sewing for yourself, and I think your dress is lovely!