Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Thoughts on a Tuesday after Easter

I meant to blog about my beloved vintage linen tonight. However, I came across two blog entries today by coincident (if coincidence exists) that made me pause; both celebrating the handmade and craftmen, both in a slightly different way:

Firstly there is the wonderful Hayley of Ruby Wren Designs, celebrating her first year in business full of successes but also struggles. Her heartfelt acknowledgement of realities when you run your own business very much ring true with me, as it probably does with many other people running their own business.

Secondly a blog entry by Seth Godin that exactly expresses what I think and feel about handmade and mass products, but that my rather limited rhetorical abilities would never be able to bring onto paper (or the screen): ".... The new trend in spending money is to buy things that are painstakingly hand built instead of efficiently mass produced. It might not be a better price than what you could buy at Target, but the very fact that you can pay for an artisan to create it, an artist to design it, a talented worker to bring it to life--that act makes a powerful statement about what you can afford and what's important to you..." (Posted by Seth Godin on April 06, 2010 http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/)

I think for years I have chased after something that I thought I wanted and needed but that was not really me. Now that I have rediscovered my creative side, my ability to craft and create, I finally have the feeling that I am arriving somewhere I belong. And that is a wonderful feeling and a very happy place to be :-)

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