Friday, 23 April 2010

Textile Printing Workshop at the Museum for Fashion and Textile, Bermondsey, London

I had been thinking about using print in my designs for quite a while, thus when I read about a textile printing workshop at the Museum of Fashion and Textile in Bermondsey, London, it took not much convincing to sign up for the one day workshop.

The workshop was run by the lovely Fiona Howard with the support of two excellent Sanderson and Zoffany designers. The designs were first drawn, then copied onto lino and cut out. I had done lino design before, but the huge amount of painful cuts had rather put me off cutting lino! Today the cutting went without a hitch and the need for a bandaid :-)

Everyone had a fantastic day, that passed by far too quickly. Below some pictures to show the process and some designs.

By the way the museum is a little gem and worth while a visit if you are interested in fashion and textiles.

1. Cutting the lino (some of us had some really intricate designs)

2. Printing the designs onto paper

3. Finished designs

4. My own handy work

We did not end up printing onto fabric, just on paper, but Sanderson will print our designs onto fabric and will send it to us. How wonderful is that!

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