Friday, 23 April 2010

Textile Printing Workshop at the Museum for Fashion and Textile, Bermondsey, London

I had been thinking about using print in my designs for quite a while, thus when I read about a textile printing workshop at the Museum of Fashion and Textile in Bermondsey, London, it took not much convincing to sign up for the one day workshop.

The workshop was run by the lovely Fiona Howard with the support of two excellent Sanderson and Zoffany designers. The designs were first drawn, then copied onto lino and cut out. I had done lino design before, but the huge amount of painful cuts had rather put me off cutting lino! Today the cutting went without a hitch and the need for a bandaid :-)

Everyone had a fantastic day, that passed by far too quickly. Below some pictures to show the process and some designs.

By the way the museum is a little gem and worth while a visit if you are interested in fashion and textiles.

1. Cutting the lino (some of us had some really intricate designs)

2. Printing the designs onto paper

3. Finished designs

4. My own handy work

We did not end up printing onto fabric, just on paper, but Sanderson will print our designs onto fabric and will send it to us. How wonderful is that!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Etsy meet up in London

On Thursday 8th April, Etsy had their first London get together held at the fabulous Fashion and Textile Museum. We had the opportunity to enjoy the stunning Sanderson exhibition and meet some lovely and inspiring Etsy sellers and buyers!

I was positively surprised to bump into Robyn of RoseLullabyDolls, who makes the most amazing art dolls, which hopefully will adorn my daughters rooms at some stage :-). I met Robyn at Liberty's Open Call event earlier in the year. We stood next to each other in line for hours (totally frozen by the end of it) before we were seen!

In good old etsy fashion I was able to trade one of my vintage fabric cat purses for this beautiful Red Wire Rose Ring by Emily Mah

Emily is also an author of science fiction and fantasy no less. Check out here blog.

I also had the pleasure to meet the lovely Monika and her husband of MaaPstudio. Monika's porcelain jewellery is out of this world, I just can't stop looking at her beautiful creations.

And last but not least a big 'Thank you' to two great ladies: Amity, who was hour host and Heidi ,who took so many pictures of our wares and gave so many tips on how to improve our photography.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to the next event. (As a bonus I also booked myself onto a print workshop at the Design and Textile Museum :-)

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Thoughts on a Tuesday after Easter

I meant to blog about my beloved vintage linen tonight. However, I came across two blog entries today by coincident (if coincidence exists) that made me pause; both celebrating the handmade and craftmen, both in a slightly different way:

Firstly there is the wonderful Hayley of Ruby Wren Designs, celebrating her first year in business full of successes but also struggles. Her heartfelt acknowledgement of realities when you run your own business very much ring true with me, as it probably does with many other people running their own business.

Secondly a blog entry by Seth Godin that exactly expresses what I think and feel about handmade and mass products, but that my rather limited rhetorical abilities would never be able to bring onto paper (or the screen): ".... The new trend in spending money is to buy things that are painstakingly hand built instead of efficiently mass produced. It might not be a better price than what you could buy at Target, but the very fact that you can pay for an artisan to create it, an artist to design it, a talented worker to bring it to life--that act makes a powerful statement about what you can afford and what's important to you..." (Posted by Seth Godin on April 06, 2010

I think for years I have chased after something that I thought I wanted and needed but that was not really me. Now that I have rediscovered my creative side, my ability to craft and create, I finally have the feeling that I am arriving somewhere I belong. And that is a wonderful feeling and a very happy place to be :-)

Thursday, 1 April 2010

We Make London

I am so chuffed, I was offered a place at the We Make London summer fair in Chelsea! The fair takes place on Saturday June 26th, 11.00 - 17.00 at Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, London, SW3 5EE.

When you are around please stop by. I will be in the main hall!

Ich bin begeistert. Ich habe einen Platz in der 'We Make London' Austellung in Chelsea London bekommen. Bitte sagt 'Hallo', falls Ihr am 26 Juni in Chelsea London seid. Adresse: Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road, London, SW3 5EE Zeit: 11.00 - 15.00