Monday, 8 March 2010

An Outing to Joss Bay, Kent, UK

We visitied relatives at the Kent Coast this weekend. The girl's were full of energy, so we headed down to Joss Bay. It was just stunning. The wind was freezing though and we could only stay a few minutes. Here some pictures for everyone to enjoy!

One of the girls having fun in the waves and on the beach.

I could not resist to take some pictures of beach finds.

And finally .......


  1. What beautiful pictures! I like the fact you too take photographs of your family and put them on your blog. I like taking a peak into your life.
    Do you have two girls? I have to boys. Check out my blog if you want to see them!

    Beautiful blog!

    X Eva

  2. Beautiful photos. Your girls look like they're having lots of fun. And the 'beach finds' photos would make great arty cards, postcards or framed prints.

    I love seaside photos. I've a few on my own blog (although not as good quality as yours). Thanks for sharing.