Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Decoration's for a girl's room

We are currently looking to re-design my 4 year-old's room, as she is a 'big' girl now and requires suitable accommodation :-) We (mum and daughter) finally have decided on a bed, an adult sized cabin bed with an alice-house style tent underneath, no less. The wall colour, which may or may not be a surprise to you, is pink, 'pretty pink' to be precise.

Now, the fun bit is to look for room decorations, and to be honest I did not even think that I would be looking for decorations. But here we go, my list of beautiful adornments is growing by the minute and I probably required 2 or 3 rooms if I wanted to accommodate them all. Here is a first selection of my finds:

1. Siblings Silhouettes Wall Decal by lepapierstudio

2. Custom Name Design by englishmuffinsshop

3. Coatrack by GLANZeffect

4. Paper Cuckoo's clock by petie

5. Vintage Wallpaper Birds by Inke Heiland

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