Monday, 15 February 2010

The making of a Dandelion

My eldest daughter calls Dandelions 'Tinkerbell' flowers (if you have watched the Disney production you know why), and is always so excited when she finds one on our summer strolls. Through her the 'magic' and appreciation of the Dandelion has come back to me and encouraged me to experiment with my own designs. Here you'll find my first interpretation on my favourite fabric: linen.


  1. ahh lovely reminds me of something ive done with them too.
    Just to let you know ive awarded you the sunshine blog award :) for more details see my blog xx

  2. What a cool simple idea!!!

  3. I'm not into tattoos, but the cutest one I have ever seen was a dandelion on a girl's shoulder blade with little "thistles" flowing over her shoulder.