Saturday, 27 February 2010

Dreamy Treasury

Beautiful dreamy and delicate treasury by Donauluft, inlcuding one of my embroidered vintage linen cushions.

Check out her beautiful Etsy shop: donauluft

Monday, 15 February 2010

The making of a Dandelion

My eldest daughter calls Dandelions 'Tinkerbell' flowers (if you have watched the Disney production you know why), and is always so excited when she finds one on our summer strolls. Through her the 'magic' and appreciation of the Dandelion has come back to me and encouraged me to experiment with my own designs. Here you'll find my first interpretation on my favourite fabric: linen.

Potato stamps

I am always looking forward to my Babyccino emails. Quite often they feature some tips what to do with the little ones. When I read this post how to make valentine decoration with potato stamps, I was immediatetly reminded of my child hood stamping activities and had to try with my daughters. While we all had lots of messy fun, the results are a little more abstract than the those on the babyccino blog, but hey....

....I did get everything clean; just in case you were wondering :-)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

Networking lunch with guest speaker Laura Tenison (Jojomamabebe)

I attended the South East London Mumpreneurs Networking lunch this week and it was a fantastic event. Guest Speaker was Laura Tenison from JoJoMamanBeBe and was held at Locale in Blackheath in SE London. The event was attended by approx 70 women running or planning to run their own businesses. I really enjoyed meeting other local business mums and the informal and friendly set up.

Having Laura Tenison as a key speaker was an added bonus. I read about Laura Tenison first in "Inspriring Women" by Michelle Rosenberg (recommended if you are thinking about starting your own business or need some inspiration).
So when SE London Mumpreneurs Network announced their first networking lunch, with Laura being the key speaker, I grabbed the opportunity and signed up for the event.

Laura obviously has achieved a lot over the years. However, what inspired me most was her business model and her work ethics, which is not necessarily the way city investors would want you to run your business. Laura still works with the same factories from when they started and her moto seems to be that profit is not everything. This just reflects so much what I want to achieve going forward.

Laura Tenison in action

Little JoJo joining us for lunch

Mmmmmh a delightful panna cotta for afters!

Monday, 8 February 2010

An afternoon at the Horniman's

If the weather is dreary and you don't like to spend much time outside, South Londoner's have a little gem at their hands: The Horniman museum and gardens. Apart from the Horniman's delightful permanent collections for music, antropology (usually too scary for the little ones) and natural history section a hidden treasure can be found in the basement - a small but perfect aquarium.

On a drizzly afternoon, when moods were grumpy and tempers started to get out of control the Horniman's once more came to the rescue. Below a few impressions from our visit.

Girls enjoying the puddles

Checking out the geese

Foggy but stunning view onto the City of London (you just can make out the 'girkin' on the right)

This display of jelly fish is really stunning and I am in awe each time I see this.

My eldest said excited "The fish is talking to me". Maybe you can just make out the little fish at the bottom left, that was looking at my daughter opening and closing its mouth.

These stone fish are amazing.

Enjoying an ice lolly (or a latte in mummy's case) in the museums cafe!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010


This is my first ever blog post. Quite scary and somehow surreal. To be honest I don't really know where this will take me. I am sure it will be a journey, and I hope a good one!

I have seen so many great blogs and I hope that I will create something that is worthwhile reading and sharing.

I will be back soon with some little treasures I hope